MATRIX-S8 8×100W Ultra fast V-mount Wall Charger

›  8-ch simultaneous fast charging

›  Charge both 14.4V and 28.8V V-mount batteries

›  100W/6A for SWIT 14.4V & ≥160Wh batteries

›  100W/3A for SWIT 28.8V & ≥160Wh batteries

›  50W/3A for other batteries

›  2× 3.5-inch color LCD info display

›  Battery cycle times display

›  Large LED charging indicators

›  Wall mounting or 19-inch rack install


8x100W Ultra Fast Wall Charger

MATRIX-S8 is an 8-ch simultaneous V-mount wall charger with 100W ultra fast charging speed each channel, save up to 60% charging time comparing to normal chargers, supports both 14.4V and 28.8V batteries, for TV stations and rental houses installation.

Charging time comparation

Flexible Wall Mounting Plate

MATRIX-S8 provides with a wall mounting plate on the backside, to be screwed onto the wall, or mounting to standard 19-inch rack bracket. You can even install the mounting plate onto storage rack or DIT cart.

3.5-inch Color LCD and Indicators

MATRIX-S8 provides 2x 3.5-inch color LCD to display charging progress, charging current, voltage, battery cycle times for each channel.You can also check the charging status by large charging indicators from a distance.


Max 900W


AC100V-240V 50/60Hz


DC 16.8V, 6A 100Wx8 (SWIT 14.4V & ≥160Wh batteries)

DC 33.6V, 3A 100W×8 (SWIT 28.8V & ≥160Wh batteries)

DC 16.8V, 3A 50W×8 (Other batteries)

Applicable battery

V-mount battery



Net weight

Net 10.6kg
Basic Package




  • Install Plate

  • PB-R160S+

    160Wh Heavy Duty IP54 Battery Pack

    200W/16A load, IP54 waterproof, 1.5m drop-off proof, 6A fast charging

  • PB-R290S+

    290Wh Heavy Duty IP54 Battery Pack

    250W/20A load, IP54 waterproof, 1.5m drop-off proof, 6A fast charging

  • S-8183S+

    270Wh High Load V-mount Battery Pack

    High Load Li-ion cells with Max 250W, 20A constant output; D-tap DC output, LED power indicators

  • PC-P461S

    4x100W Super Fast V-mount Charger

    Charge both 14.4V and 28.8V; color LCD screen

  • PB-C420S

    420Wh Large Capacity V-mount Battery

    250W constant high load, D-tapx2, 6A fast charger, 5-level power indicators

  • HB-C420S

    500W High Load 420Wh V-mount Battery

    28.8V Voltage, 500W Constand Load for high power cine lights

  • PB-S290S

    290Wh Multi-sockets Digital Battery Pack

    Compact designed for Cine-cameras, 4x D-tap, 1x USB, OLED displays remaining time

  • PB-R220S+

    220Wh Heavy Duty IP54 Battery Pack

    200W/16A load, IP54 waterproof, 1.5m drop-off proof, 6A fast charging

  • MINO-S210

    210Wh Pocket V-mount Battery Pack

    USB-C 48W in, 65W out, D-tap, wire-free internal tech


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