HB-C420S 500W High Load 420Wh V-mount Battery

› 28.8V (22-33.6V) high voltage

› Standard V-mount connection

› 420Wh large capacity

› 500W constant high load, 650W peak load

› 33.6V 100W fast charging support

› 5-LED digital power indicators

› Multiple circuit protections


Huge V-mount Battery for Lights

HB-C420S provides the world’s largest capacity: 420Wh of handheld V-mount battery, and the world’s largest constant power load: 500W, to drive high power cine lights at longest time.
For example, 2x HB-C420S could power Aputure LS 600C PRO at 100% output, and at least 1.2 hours.

28.8V, 420Wh, 500W Load

HB-C420S consists of 24pcs Li-ion cells, 28.8V (22-33.6V) high voltage, 420Wh large capacity, 500W constant load.

Please do not use the battery on the device that doesn’t support 22-33.6V input.

500W Constant High Load

HB-C420S outputs at least 500W high load even at 1% capacity (Peak load up to 650W), to drive high power gears like the cines lights.

48V 750W Power Solution

Use SWIT dual batteries light stand adaptor TD-R230S, 2x HB-C420S could output 48V 750W to power cine lights like Skypanel S30/60/120, Orbiter, Creamsource Vortex 4 & Vortex 8, Aputure Nova P300/P600 etc.

Creamsource Vortex 8 Power

2x HB-C420S and TD-R230S power adaptor could output 48V 750W DC to full power drive Creamsource Vortex 8 light which requires 650W power.
The 2 batteries totally have 840Wh capacity, comparable with a large floor battery but it’s attached on light stand for easy movement, and will power the Vortex 8 for at least 1hr 20min.

100W Fast Charging

HB-C420S supports DC 33.6V 100W fast charging by PC-P461S charger, to save more than 60% charging time. The 420Wh battery can be charged from 0 to 80% after 3.9 hours, and fully charged within 5.3 hours.

Nominal Voltage




Power Load

500W constant, 650W peak


DC 33.6V, 3A 

Mount Type


Charging Temperature

      Discharging Temperature-20°C-50°C (Capacity and Max Load may decrease when operating below 0°)

Net weight

Net 2.07kg; With package2.15kg


Basic Package




  • PC-P461S

    4x100W Super Fast V-mount Charger

    Charge both 14.4V and 28.8V; color LCD screen

  • PB-C420S

    420Wh Large Capacity V-mount Battery

    250W constant high load, D-tapx2, 6A fast charger, 5-level power indicators


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