TD-R230S 48V 750W Light Stand Power Adaptor

›  Install 2x 28.8V V-mount batteries

›  Support SWIT HB-C420S batteries

›  Support SWIT PB-H290S batteries

›  Neutrik 3-pin XLR Regulated 48V, 750W output

›  Neutrik SpeakON 22-33.6V, 750W output

›  Power indicators for each battery

›  25-45mm light stand install


Cine Lights Portable Power

TD-R230S light stand power adaptor is particularly to power the high draw cine lights up to 750W, by only 2x V-mount batteries hooked on light stand, portable and convenient for moving the light fixtures on set.

48V 750W High Output

100% Power Vortex 8, Skypanel, Orbitor etc

TD-R230S supports 2 of 28.8V V-mount batteries install, and by SWIT HB-C420S batteries, the TD-R230S adaptor could output 48V 750W and 22-33.6V 750W high power for cine lights like Creamsources Vortex 8, ARRI Skypanel S60/S120, ARRI Orbitor, Aputure Nova P600C, etc.

Run Time Chart By 2x HB-C420S batteries

DC Output Sockets

TD-R230S provides 3-pin XLR regulated 48V DC output of 750W load, and Neutrik SpeakON 22-33.6V DC output of 750W load. The system draws 2 batteries one-by-one or simultaneously according to the real time power load. The top indicators display the discharging status of each battery.

Easy Install on Light Stands

TD-R230S has extremely compact size without fans, and fits on 25mm-45mm diameter light stand. It’s balanced with 2 batteries and reliable locker.



DC output

1× 48V Reg. 3-pin XLR

1× 22-33.6V SpeakON

Battery type

2x 28.8V high voltage V-mount batteries

Max Load (by 2x 28.8V batteries)

750W each output
1000W in total

Working temp

-20°C - 40°C




Net 1.3kg
Basic Package




  • PB-H290S

    290Wh Intelligent Bi-voltage Battery Pack

    14.4V/28.8V auto recognition and switching, for Alexa LF and all other normal cameras and chargers, 6A fast charging, 250W high load, 1.5m drop-off proof

  • HB-C420S

    500W High Load 420Wh V-mount Battery

    28.8V Voltage, 500W Constand Load for high power cine lights


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