CL-M100C 100W Mini Size Studio RGBW Light

›  170pcs RGB + 340pcs White SMD-LEDs

›  1:1/2' mini size for low ceiling studio install

›  100W power, 3000Lux @ 1meter

›  No fan, No noise

›  Time-Division drive tech, ultra bright color light

›  CCT/HSI/RGB/CIE/GEL/EFF color modes

›  Built-in 20x Rosco and 20x LEE Gels

›  2800K-10000K, G/M±1.00 adjustment

›  CRI Ra 96, TLCI 93

›  On-board 3.5-inch color LCD visualized color pick 

›  DMX512 3bit/6bit/7bit color control

›  IOS/Android APP bluetooth control

›  PowerCON TRUE1 AC in and loop out

›  4-leaf metal barn doors and Yoke bracket


Mini Size 100W RGBW Panel

CL-M100C is an 100W RGBW SMD LED panel light of 1: 1/2 mini size designed, high intensity and fanless, for broadcast studio, live entertainment, theater, film applications, especially the low celling space setup.


3000 Lux @ 1 meter

With 170pcs RGB LEDs and 340pcs White LEDs, CL-M100C provides 100W light output, 3000Lux luminance at 1 meter distance, 62° half-peak wide beam angle, 2800K-10000K continuously adjustment and G/M ±1.00 support. 0 to 100% PWM digital dimming, smoothly and non-flickering. 

Time Division Tech, Brighter Color Light

The regular RGB panels are high bright in CCT mode, but much lower in RGB color mode. That’ s because in a regular RGB light, the RGB color LED and White LED have fixed rates to share the total power of the light, and when output color lights, the RGB LEDs use only 1/3 power. By SWIT unique Time Division Drive tech, full power of the light can be assigned to RGB color LEDs, and greatly increased the intensity of color light. The 100W CL-M100C color light intensity equals to a regular 300W RGB color light intensity.

No Fan, No Noise

The large size fin consender inside CL-M100C ensures 100W high bright output within such a small size housing, no fan, no noise, to provide a silent video production environment.

Control Panel

CL-M100C rear control panel supports 5-pin DMX in & out, and a large color LCD with menu and hot keys for convenient color picking. The USB-A port is for firmware update or user color profile upload, and to power wireless DMX receiver.

On-board 3.5-inch Color LCD

Visualized color selection

Bluetooth APP Control

Download “SWIT Console” APP on IOS App Store or Google PLAY, to connect and control CL-M100C  lights via Bluetooth.

SWIT Console APP

The APP control supports CCT, HSI, RGB, CIE color modes, and select preset color GELs and light effects


CL-M100C adopts PowerCON TRUE1 AC connectors, and supports AC loop output to the next lights, for convenient studio installation. The standard package includes a PowerCON AC cable, and the loop cable PA-LC20 is for optional purchase, 2 meters length, 16A load, will loop more than 25x CL-M100C lights under 220V AC voltage, and 13x CL-M100C lights under 110V voltage.



170pcs RGB + 340pcs W


3000Lux @ 1m

Beam angle

62° half peak

Color Temperature

2800K~10000K, G/M±1.00








USB-A power out & firmware update


DMX512, 5pin XLR IN & OUT

AC Power

PowerCON TRUE1 AC 100-240V 50/60Hz input & output



Lighting area



Net 5.1kg With package 7kg
Basic Package




  • Safety rope x2

  • PowerCON TRUE1 AC cable

  • PA-LC20

    PowerCON TRUE1 loop out cable, 2meters, 16A load, AC 220V: Max 25x CL-M100C looped AC 110V: Max 13x CL-M100C looped
  • CL-120D

    120W 2:1 Bi-color SMD LED panel light

    3700Lux@1m, CRI 98 TLCI 99, 2700-6500K, DMX control

  • CL-M100D

    100W Mini Size Studio SMD LED Light

    3400Lux @ 1m high intensity, 1:1/2 size, no fan no noise, CRI 98 TLCI 99 SSI 73

  • PL-S150D

    150W Bi-color Studio SMD LED Light

    5500Lux @ 1m high intensity, Smooth Exponential dimming curve, CRI 97 TLCI 99 SSI 73

  • VANGO-70

    70W 1:1 Ultra Slim RGBW Panel Light

    Equivalent to a 200W color light, 21mm slim, on board LCD, APP control

  • VANGO-100

    100W 2:1 Ultra Slim RGBW Panel Light

    Equivalent to 300W color light, 21mm slim, on board LCD, APP control

  • VANGO-100L

    100W Long Ratio Ultra Slim RGBW Light

    3x0.5 size, Equivalent to 300W color light, 21mm slim, on board LCD, APP control


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