PL-S150D 150W Bi-color Studio SMD LED Light

›  1152pcs ultra bright long-life LEDs

›  SMD Surface mounted LED technology

›  64° half peak wide beam angle

›  150W power, 5500Lux @ 1meter

›  Smooth exponential dimming curve

›  2700K-6500K continuously adjustable

›  Color rendering CRI 97, TLCI 99, SSI(D55)73

›  DMX512 controlled color and dimmer

›  LCD display color and dimmer value

›  Power by V/Gold mount battery or AC adaptor

›  4-leaf metal barn doors and Yoke bracket

›  Optional 40° honeycomb


150W Ultra Bright Panel Light

PL-S150D is a 2:1 size 150W Bi-color SMD LED panel light with high intensity, smooth dimmer curve, high CRI/TLCI/SSI, for both broadcast studio and field setup.


5500Lux@1m Super Bright

PL-S150D provides 150W light output and as high as 5500Lux at 1 meter illuminance, twice brighter than regular 100W LED panels with the same size, works perfectly in broadcast studio setup especially the large 4K studios that request brighter panel lights comparing to HD studios, to reproduce more HDR details. 


Exponential Dimming Curve

To produce smooth light output when dimming at low intensity range, PL-S150D provides a non-linear exponential dimming curver, and the 1% dimmer equals to only 0.3% of the full intensity, to match with the sensitivity of human eyes.

No Fan, No Noise

The active cooling system of PL-S150D ensures 150W high bright output with no fan or louver, to provide a silent video production environment.

2700K-6500K Continuously Adjustment

PL-S150D consists of 150W of 2700K LED and 150W of 6500K LED, and outputs 150W power at any color temperature from 2700K to 6500K.

CRI 97; TLCI 99

PL-S150D adopts high end surface mounted LEDs with super high Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra 97, and Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) 99. Objects will keep their original colors exactly under the light.

SSI 73 (D55)

SSI (Academy Spectral Similarity Index) is an evaluation of light color rendering in 4K broadcast studios, by comparing the spectral power distributions of a test light fixture with a reference light source. PL-S150D CIE D55 (comparing with sunlight) SSI scores 73, a high score to the LED light.

Control Info Display

The rear LCD screen can display dimmer percentage, color temperature, DMX address and Group channel.
Long press dimmer knob to set DMX address, and long press color temp knob to switch between DMX consoler mode and Group interactive control mode.

5-pin DMX IN & OUT

PL-S150D provides 5-pin XLR DMX512 in & out, and a 5V USB-A port to power the wireless DMX receivers.
The DMX address n= dimmer, n+1=color temp


DC and Battery Power

PL-S150D supports 3-pin XLR DC 12-36V wide range input, and an on-board V-mount plate to power by batteries. The standard package provides an AC-DC adaptor and can be fixed to the V-mount plate.


Optional Honeycomb

The standard barndoors can be easily disassmbled from the light and exchanged to a 40° honeycomb LA-GS150, optional purchase.



1152pcs SMD LEDs


5500Lux @ 1m

Beam angle

64° half peak

Color Temperature

2700K ~ 6500K





SSI (D55)




Working voltage




Lighting area



Net 5.8kg; With package 8.5kg
Basic Package




  • Safety rope x2

  • AC-DC Adaptor

  • Barn door kit

  • LA-GS150

    40° HoneyComb, to replace the standard barndoor kit, quick assemble and disassemble.
  • S-2840

    400W RGBW LED Panel Light

    560pcs RGBW LED, CCT/HSL/RGB modes, Rosco/Lee GELs, IOS/Android APP control

  • PL-E90D

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  • S-2430C

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  • CL-120D

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