CK150 Portable Chroma Key Screen

Quick retract chroma key green screen

1.5 meters wide, 2 meters height

High vibrancy wrinkle resistant fabric

Gas spring bracket support

Anti-dumping feet

Portable carrying for field productions


Portable Chroma Key Screen

CK150 is a quick setup and portable green screen for Streamers and Content Creators to do chroma key visual effects, with 2 meters height and 1.5 meters wide to cover full body effects.

Quick Rolling Up Design

You can pull the central handle to extend or retract the screen, Max 2 meters and could stop at any height.

Gas Spring Support Rod

The rear gas spring support rod keeps the screen fabric flat and balance when rolling up, and helps to extend or retract the screen easily.

Green Keying Everywhere

Widely applicable for live streaming sales, virtual background, online courses, video conference, etc.

Anti-Dumping Feet

You can rotate out the feet from the base, to stand the screen on the floor. The feet will keep balance even at outdoor production.

Wrinkle Resistant Fabric

The high vibrancy wrinkle resistant fabric will keep the screen surface clean and smooth, to ensure perfect chroma keying even in low lighting environment.



Screen width

1.5 meters

Screen height

2 meters

      Storage length1.6 meters

Package size


Net weight


Gross weight


Basic Package




  • CK210

    Portable Chroma Key Screen

    2.1m wide, 2m height, Quick retract wrinkle resistant fabric, gas spring bracket support


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