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SWIT Wireless DMX Studio light solution @Chulalongkorn University in Thailand

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand's first university, has chosen SWIT studio lights for this newly renovated studio.

SWIT Batteries: The Trusted Choice for Wildlife Cinematography

Wildlife cinematography presents numerous challenges in harsh environments, requiring professionals to rely on "proven" battery brands to ensure smooth and successful shoots. Cinematographer James Ewen, known for his expertise in the field, has

Yeji Broadcast Studio Lighting Setup

HD Broadcast Studio Lighting Setup Case, 32x CL-120D panel lights and 10x S-2320 spot lights, designed and setup by SWIT

VANGO series ultra slim RGBW Lights on Filmset

Directed by Eric Goron, Artist: Nicolas Pesty, Photo: Ewa Gros

SWIT Batteries on a music video shoot by Visual Sequence

MINO-S140, PB-S98S, PB-S220S batteries for filmmakers. Directed by Eric Goron; Artist: Nicolas Pesty; Photo Ewa Gros

12-channel Wireless video Transmission in a Reality show

12 sets of SWIT FLOW6500 2km wireless SDI transmission systems are used on a Reality TV Show programme.

College Studio Lighting Setup Cases in Vietnam

CL-120D, PL-E90D, S-2430C, S-2320, FL-C60D lights. Projects supported by NAM LONG AUDIO VISUAL CO., LTD.

SWIT FLOW500 Wireless on KINEFINITY MAVO EDGE 6K Launch event

April 3rd, 2022, SWIT FLOW500 wireless transmission system has supported on Kinefinity MAVO EDGE 6K experience open day.

SWIT Lighting Setup in Promosound Studio

The mini size 100W Panel Lights and 60W Fresnel Lights set up for low ceiling studios.

SWIT 4K Studio Monitor in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The BM-H series 4K 12GSDI broadcast monitor in Short Track game live production.


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