S-3812A 2-ch Gold mount Super Fast Charger

›  2-ch simultaneous charging

›  Identify battery type and adjust charging method

›  6A fast charging for SWIT particular batteries

›  3A charging for normal batteries

›  Support AC to 4-pin XLR output

›  Support battery to 4-pin XLR output

›  LCD display charging/adapting info


Dual-channel Fast Charger

Max charging current: 6A

S-3812A can charge 2 Gold mount batteries simultaneously at Max 6A fast charging current, to SWIT particular batteries. The charging speed is quite faster than normal chargers. The following battery models support 6A fast charging: S-8180A, S-8113A, S-8183A+
And for other batteries, the charging current is 3A.

Charging time comparation

AC-DC Adapting Output

S-3812A supports 1-ch AC-DC adapting output via 4-pin XLR port. By S-7102 (4-pin XLR female to male) cable, it can supply 16.8V DC power to the other equipments, Max load 200W/12A. When adapting load is less than 100W, S-3812A can still charge battery simultaneously. (2 batteries sequential)
Remark: S-7102 cable is optional purchased.

Battery-DC Adapting Output

You can also mount batteries onto S-3812A, and output DC power via 4-pin XLR port. By S-7102 (4-pin XLR female to male) cable, it can supply 16.8V DC power to the other equipments, Max load 200W/12A
Remark: S-7102 cable is optional purchased.

LCD Charging Info Display

S-3812A has an LCD screen to display the real time charging/adapting information, includes:
Battery Charging/Discharging status
Real time Voltage/Current
Adapting output current and power

3-color LED Indicators

S-3812A has the 3-color LED indicators for both 2 channels:
Red light slowly flashes: The battery is charging
Red light fast flashes:The battery is about to fully charged
Green light constant: The battery is fully charged
Green light flashes: The battery is adapting output
Orange light flashes: Battery or Charger abnormal alert


100~240VA, 50/60Hz

Power consumption

Max 260W

Charging output

DC 16.8V, Max 6A×2-ch

Adapting output

DC 16.8V, 3A×2

Working temperature


Working humidity




Net weight

Net 1.85kg; With package 2.45kg
Basic Package







  • S-7102

    4-pin XLR female to male cable, for 4-pin DC adapting output

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