PC-P461B 4x100W Super Fast B-mount Charger

›  4-ch simultaneous fast charging

›  Charge pure 28.8V B-mount batteries

›  Charge 14.4V/28.8V Bi-voltage B-mount batteries

›  33.6V/3A 100W super fast charging

›  3.5-inch color LCD info display

›  Battery cycle times display

›  Top large charging indicators


4x100W Super Fast Charger

PC-P461B can charge 4x B-mount batteries simultaneously at 33.6V/3A, 100W per channel super fast charging speed, save up to 60% charging time comparing to normal chargers.

Compatible with pure 28.8V B-mount batteries and 14.4V/28.8V bi-voltage B-mount batteries.

Charging Time

To charge 4x 290Wh B-mount batteries, the PC-P461B will take only 2 hours 30 minutes to charge to 80%, and take 3 hours 50 minutes to fully charge.

3.5-inch Color LCD

PC-P461B provides a 3.5-inch color LCD panel to display charging progress, charging current and voltage, and battery cycle times of each channel.

Top Charging Indicators

Besides LCD screen info, you can check the charging status at a glance by the 4 large size indicators on the top of the charger.
Red on: 0-80%
Green flashing: 81%-99%
Green on: 100% fully charged
Red flashing: Charging error, check LCD info

Light Weight and Portable

The 4 channel fast charger PC-P461B has minimized the size and weight, and the new handle design makes the charger solid and easy to carry.


Max 450W


AC100V-240V 50/60Hz


DC 33.6V, 3A×4

Applicable battery

B-mount battery



Net weight

Net 2.43kg; With package 3.3kg
Basic Package




  • HB-A290B

    290Wh 28.8V B-mount Battery Pack

    ALEXA 35 battery, 250W/10A high load, D-tap 16V x2, USB-C 60W in&out, OLED power info


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