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Li-ion Battery for SWIT S-2040 LED Light
◆ Li-ion battery pack of 7.2V nominal
◆ Applicable for SWIT S-2040
    On-camera LED light
◆ Slim and compact design
◆ 21Wh / 3Ah capacity
◆ 4-level LED power indicator
◆ 7.2V Pole-tap for DC output / Charging
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Special Battery for S-2040 Light

Slim and Compact design

S-8040 is the rechargeable Li-ion battery specially for SWIT S-2040 LED On-camera light.
The S-2040 can be powered by standard DV camcorder batteries; however, the DV batteries are a little thick for on-camera using. So we designed the slim and compact battery S-8040, directly attached to the rear of S-2040 to power the light.



21Wh / 3Ah Capacity

With 7.2V nominal voltage, the S-8040 has 21Wh / 3Ah capacity,
and can run approx 1 hour on S-2040 Light.

Compatible with SWIT On-camera Monitors

The S-8040 slim battery can also be used on SWIT on-camera monitors with the same mount connection as S-2040. The applicable monitors are:
S-1090F, S-1090H
S-1071F, S-1071H, S-1071C+, S-1071C



4-level LED Power Indicator

The S-8040 battery has the 4-level LED power indicators to check
the battery remaining capacity. You can get a quick view of capacity
before using.

Build-in Pole-tap DC Socket

Power output or Charging input

The DC socket can be used for power output or charging input, by SWIT portable pole-tap charger S-3010D.
The Max output power from DC socket is ( )W



Easy Charging

The S-8040 can be charged by SWIT S-3010D Portable Charger through the pole-tap DC socket. It will take 4.3 hours to fully charge.


Nominal Voltage7.2V
Capacity21Wh, 3Ah
Max output powerTotal30W, 4A
Pins15W, 2A
Pole-tap15W, 2A
Applicable equipmentSWIT S-2040 On-camera light
SWIT S-1090, S-1071, S-1051 On-camera monitor
(except S-1051C monitor)
Net weightApprox 170g


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